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It took me around 8 months for my Twitter account to grow from 0 followers to over 50,000 followers.

How did I do this?

Trust me there is no magic, it's only doing the right thing in the right way.

Can we get introduced first?

My name is Ravin, 4 years back I left my well-settled job to do something of my own. My path was not as easy as I had no correct guidance, so initially, I wasted a lot of time experimenting with things.

But I knew the first step in any task is always building an AUDIENCE.

So I decided to go with Twitter as it is one of the biggest social media platforms with millions of daily active users, there are tons of people you can introduce to your business.

I started my journey on Twitter on 24th March 2020 with zero followers and today within a very short span of time of 8 months I have over 50,000 followers.

I am still growing an audience and getting a lot of engagement.

This is exactly the kind of information I will share in my session. I am going to tell everything I have learnt about Twitter growth and the "formulas" that worked for me so that you too can grow and monetize your accounts quickly.

We will cover all below topics in 4 sessions:

  • Getting started on twitter, understanding your goal to use twitter accounts.
  • Helping to set up your account using all features of twitter, that includes

   - Picking a name and twitter handle

   - Picking your profile and banner image

   - Crafting a great bio

   - Coming up with a good pinned tweet

    We will also review many actual profiles and see what could be improved

  • Projection on you subject (including notes on how to pick what topics to write about if you're unsure where to start)
  • Common Twitter strategies that do not work well.
  • Adding content to your twitter account and creating content or tweets related to trendy topics in your industry.
  • How to analyze your Twitter analytics and why it’s important.
  • Creating better tweets and getting more engagement out of your tweets (note that this is not a writing guide - I give you the basics, the rest is easy to learn as you will have plenty of feedback on the field)
  • Learning about trending hashtags and optimizing your own tweets with them.
  • How to get more twitter followers-RIGHT WAY.
  • How to get more twitter followers-AND KEEP THEM.
  • Working on a strategy to follow as you grow your followers.
  • Monetizing your twitter account

Session Duration - 1 month

Video Session - 4 per month

Praise from others

Proful Sadangi ( @profulsadangi - 11.2k followers)

'Ravin is a reliable and enthusiastic human being. His value as a Twitter dev community member can't be overstated. He will help you meet your goals as a Twitter growth mentor. His advice helped me a great deal during my initial stage of growing my Twitter audience'

Ankur ( @TheAnkurTyagi - 7.9k followers)

"This twitter growth mentorship completely changed how I use Twitter. I gained over 7,000 followers in a four-month following the strategies that Ravin suggests”

- Received 90% of my blog traffic from Twitter

- Made new lifetime friends

- He knows what works.

- People will only listen/follow/buy your products if you have credibility.

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Grow on twitter with Ravin

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